Saturday, 7 June 2014

Hey looking gooooood!!

I know  I know, I cant really put that title & not show you no photo's of my new bathroom, which is looking goooooood!!! right now, lol
BUUUUUT, I can tell you my tiles are up & grouted, my cabinets are up & filled to the BRIM, didn't know i had this much stuff, must be a clean girl, hehehehe
Ok & I did it all MYSELF, I even bought a ornament for the top corner shelf that says "soak"
I am loving taking bubble bath's & shower's in my new bathroom now, it actually looks inviting & clean, not that it wasn't clean before but I had aqua colour wall's {not too bad for a bathroom I suppose} but I also had a lot of bottle's & clutter out on show, which made it look messy & dirty.
So WATCH THIS SPACE, im waiting for good light to take good photo's
Much love n hugs
Sarah xx