Sunday, 25 August 2013

anyone a fan of wallis & gromit??

Well here in Bristol we have a "gromit" hunt on, they have done this before with gorilla's but I didn't & regret not taking part, so this time around they have gromits dotted all around Bristol & we have to find them, me & kaci have found 9 so far
No.24 gizmo

No.28 collarful

No.29 gromitasaurus

No.30 malago

No.31 lancelot

No.32 grosmos

No.33 gromit lightyear

No.34 doodles

No.35 gnashional gromit
It was a lot of fun & am hoping to go again soon!
Much love
Sarah xx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

CHRISTMAS....yeah im thinking about christmas, its 128 days to go!!

I know I know im too late/early for Christmas but as I kinda fell right out of love with scrapbooking for a LONG while, too long & it was over the holidays too I didn't have any interest what so ever to scrap anything touch anything paper or even look at it, so I packed it all up & didn't think i'd ever come back to it, but I have & so I need to pick up where I left off & that is starting with the rest of my Christmas pages/photo's etc

REMBEMBER: 128 days to go!!!!  eeekkkk