Tuesday, 22 January 2013

fashionbly late ...thats DIFFERENT!

I have been nothing but very fashionbly late at everything i have tried to do so far this year! ...thats DIFFERENT.

Im going to do DIFFERENT thing's, im going to do thing's i dont normally do, buy more expensive thing's because im tired of being the cheaper kinda girl ...that's DIFFERENT for me. Im going to choose thing's i dont normally choose ...thats DIFFERENT. Im going to behave ...DIFFERENTLY.

I will own a DIFFERENT home
& go on a DIFFERENT hoiday this year.

Again im late at putting my "word" for this year out there ...DIFFERENT is the new me

Sarah xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

birthday pages & a christmas page too

Well hello there people, no ive not disapeared that would be a hard thing to do, yes im stil here just not all the time like before!!

Well as soon as september ends, life button is on fast forward, celbration's memorial halloween birthday & christmas all comes at once for us, so time is short, very short!! whilst you lot are starting to think about valentine's day im still here on christmas & birthday page's, hehe ...note to self, "come on sarah!" lol

here is mikey & kaci's birthday page's from november mind!!
 photo mikey151_zps491068ff.jpg

 photo mikey152_zps45fad653.jpg

 photo mikey153_zps5129a508.jpg

 photo mikey154_zpsbc7fc028.jpg

 photo birthdaygirl1_zpsdd98ea38.jpg

 photo birthdaygirl2_zpsd9a0438d.jpg

 photo birthdaygirl3_zps2efc26cb.jpg

& this is my second christmas page, i have alot of catching up to do!!
 photo dancelike1_zps1573877a.jpg

 photo dancelike2_zps54b0d979.jpg

 photo dancelike3_zps7ffe2e48.jpg

 photo dancelike4_zps34be4a31.jpg

Thanks for stopping by
Sarah xx