Monday, 28 October 2013


If you love music & scrapping this is the best place for you to be, I always find inspirations in music to put on my pages &so when I came across the blog, its one of my go to places for inspiration when im totally lost.
Scrap & Music is on the search for new Design Team members for our next term.

 Submissions will be taken until: November 10th.

New Design Team will be posted on  November 15th.
New Reveal: December 1st.
Please include in your application:
- Name, address, email address.- link to your blog and online gallery.
- List of Current Design Teams.
Please Send us:
-3 of your recent layouts to showcase your scrapbook style.

The Design Team will be required to:
- Complete 2-3 layouts per month with sketches and lyrics provided.
- post our S&M DT Blinkie in signatures & on your blog!
- Post our reveal sketch & your layout on your Blog/Facebook.
- Comment on Participant and Sponsor Blogs.
More Details:
- This is a 4 month Term from : December 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014.
- We have a Private Group on Facebook for S&M Members Only.
- Call is Open to Past and Present Design Team Members.
- Call is open to international designers! We want scrappers from here, there and everywhere!!
Please put S&M Design Team Call in the subject line.
Please Mail your entries to:
Good luck ladies!!
Ana Castro
Sarah xx

Saturday, 26 October 2013

59 sleeps til christmas eve & a madhatter's tea party!!

So me & the kids have been discussing WHAT we are going to do this year for their birthday's, my kids were all planned but we didn't actually think about when they'd get here, I have kaci's birthday the 10th & mikey's birthday the 11th of November!! & the corey-max's birthday the 15th of December, so yeah lots of planning needs to be done in this slade household!!
This is what my daughter has chosen to wear for her MAD HATTER'S tea party its a lovely costume, not your "traditional alice" but in the tim burton film she wear's very materialistic dresses anyway so this one is a mixture of your more "modern alice" & the mad hatter, I do LOVE that hat!!!
happy day's
Sarah xx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

24th october

Today 9yrs ago my baby girl got her wings & god took her home to a better place, he needed her more than I did, it took a hell of a long time to realise this, but I know this now & I know he always takes the best ones.

Today we wrote 5 message's one from each of us on 5 Chinese lanterns as we always do & set them off up into the sky, the weather was good this year & they went up no problem, the last 2 yrs they didn't fly up & the wind & rain douced them out & back down again, we tried.

I know there will be a day I will meet her, hold her, gaze into her eyes but for now baby louise Madison, we all love you very much lots of love mummy daddy mikey core-max & kaci x x x x x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween is up!!!! & lots in store eeekkk

I "love" Halloween its one of my favourite times of the year!!!!  haha
I know you'd usually hear that at Christmas but its all celebrations from here on out, louise memorial day is tomorrow. We usually send up 5 paper Chinese lanterns with a message on each from each of us but the weather has been bad the last coulple of years, so im not sure what were doing yet. Something quiet.
 Then we have bonfire night, that's cooking jacket potatoes in an open bonfire & cooking chilly on the stove, & the kids wave around sparkler's, can you tell im looking forward to these cold cozy night's hehe
The hubs got in on this one, poor lamb is ill, so he's a sofa dude.

 Even though im looking forward to Halloween, this year I think i'l be a zombie, im also looking forward to taking this lot down & decorating for kaci's mad hatter tea party for her 10th birthday, taking that lot down & then decorating for my son's 16th birthday pizza party!! ~THE VERY NEXT DAY

& then if that wasn't enough im looking forward to decorating for CHRISTMAS!!!!! in which I should remind you that there is 62 sleep's til Christmas eve.
much love
Sarah xx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The face

 Go on make the face
 So he goes to make the face & then wink's, ....sod!
THIS is the face......cracks me up everytime, & its what he says with it too, like a kind of a laugh & then ask's you if your alright? pmsl
He's going to kill me for putting this up, but its funny,
happy days
Sarah xx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

EVIDENCE: of a happy playtime

just look
These scene's are very rare in our house & this is a lovely combination of faries, ship's, & tony hawks skate ramp's make's me happy, my 15yr old & 9yr old still has the best imagination's.
Happy Day's.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

73 sleeps

TIL CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just thought i'd let you know that

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

the witch is's the projects!!

First of all I want to thank shaunna once again, lol, for letting me play with this kit!! It.Is.MORE.than.AWESOME!!!! guys get over to her NEW blog & check it all out & also a chance to purchase this awesome kit & more, 3 fab membership's to choose from I promise you it's going to be worth it!!

Here's what some of the other girl's did


Im not sure if you can see but with the bows on the witch's shoe's, the cats bow & some of the pumpkins on the layout, I poped with pop dots.

for the banner, I printed each one out on a full scale setting, then gave each one a coating of sparkle modge podge, let to dry & put the banner together.

& this word art I coverd with stickle's, added a few rhinstones & roughed up the edges with tim holts distress inks.

Thank for looking & hope you enjoy this kit
much love
Sarah xx