Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Colour me happy with RED WHITE & BLUE!!!

Today im going to show you some of our crazy picture's taken from our jubillee party we had last week! I went totally nuts over decorating the house & enjoyed every part of this reason to celebrate! haha

Mikey really got into it & really enjoyed the day

My daughter kaci on the left & her little bestie, arnt they doll's!!

I bought totally funky stupid things like those heart shaped sun glasses & banger's, blow up guitar's etc...

I even bought red white & blue nail varnish & tinsel eye lashes, this is my cousin in the middle with me & my bestie

We had a fab day even though we had great british weather & it rain so much all day, luckily we planned this & put up shelter's outside for the bbq to commence!!

Im really looking forward to scrapping these picture's!!
Take care for now

Sarah xx


  1. These photos are great, looks like you all had a real blast celebrating. We watched some on tv, not quite the same though, I'd say :)