Thursday, 26 September 2013

A photo moment ~teenage boys, my princess annnnnnnnnd some christmas cards!!!

Its not very often my boys will let me capture them or even take staged photo's so today kaci came along & smiled I said "that's a nice smile, let me get the camera" so she's my willing subject but then along came corey-max, he was happy to be in the photo as long as he was goofin around, but he did let me have one in the end, so not to leave mikey out off I went to photo him too, im surprised I got whet I did, some are blurry but im happy to have these than none at all

So im gettingphotos of them & I asks kaci to smile & I get this
Ok so we had some goofy fun times this evening & we got a new thing call "granny kisses" so we have to go all gummy hide our teeth away & kiss, lol don't even ask me how this one started???

Here's me Christmas cards I started to use my new "santas workshop" paper & goodies, I don't like how some of these have turned out, some are ok too.
& just because im not photographed enough {note to self:need to get in pic's more with g too} & because im always behind the camera I thought i'd let myself loose on the other side, I took this yesterday with my mobile phone camera on the rush out the door on the school run, cute ayyyye ;-)

Have fun times, goof around & smile
Sarah xx

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