Sunday, 13 May 2012

Life as we {i} know it!!

Hi girl's, i havent been around any where much at all this week, i have done no scrapping even though i've had the idea's, i havent been out much because of the crappy weather, by crappy i mean rain, winds, gail's!! i have been hiding in my little corner of the world, i been a bit depressed recently but i dont want to BORE you with why's & what's!!

....i do have something positive to share & after almost 2 months of waiting, being let down by a person who i thought was my friend & one of my previous emlpoyer's too, i have had some really great support from my family & friends {who really are my true friend's} IM STARTING MY JOB>>>>>>>TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeay me!!!! hahahaha

AT LAST.....lesson learned of the true meaning of family & learned who my true friends are!!

So i am trying to look up & be positive, i am trying not to dwell on the negative & things that go wrong in the process, like my tumble drying breaking down!! Lucky now the weather is brightening up, i can get the washing out on the line, the down side is no more fluffy towels for a while!! oh

Anyway, happy days here i come!!
Sarah xx

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