Wednesday, 27 February 2013

it started off.....

with me working on crappy birthday cakes in work, i work in a care home kitchen & nobody else liked to make cakes & esp birthday cake's, the chef told me how they like themput together & so i got on with it, then i thought i'd "practice" my own birthday cake at home, i came up with this,
 photo MYpracticeCAKE1_zpse1593fc9.jpg

& this is the inside of the cake
 photo MYpracticeCAKE2_zps06f06d29.jpg

so as i didnt have many material's, i used re regal icing to cut out the hearts & as valentines day was fast approching this cake became our early valentine's day cake.

So then came my first order which was a white & yellow cake that i didnt take a photo of, duh stupidhead!!! Other people started to enquire too & i thought about advertising myself, whaaaa no way i have only just started out, i will see how it goes??

I then made my actual birthday cake a 3 tier strawberry sponge & vanilla crean filling, it was divine!!
 photo mybdaycake1_zps85dc0592.jpg

I was so proud of myself, i posted it on facebook & 2 more birthday orders rolled in & someone even asked for cupcakes, like my birthday cake, so i came up with these
 photo cupcakesFORleanne_zpsa6167b95.jpg

& now i have mother's day order's comming in for mother's day cake's & cupcake's, so i think im just gonna go with this for a while as im in the kitchen anyway!!

Happy day's
Sarah xx

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