Thursday, 14 March 2013

nothing, fallen out of love & cakes

i have'nt had any umph, energy, will, life or kick in me recently to do anything i need or want to do or even things that "need" to be done that i still dont wanna do, but i have, i have climbed up that slippery wet mountain through gust's of wind's blowing down on me & when i reached the top, ive been blown back down again, but i have still struggled ahead, this is how i been feeling these last few month's, 2013 has not been kind to me/us at all, but i have had to carry on, i have people that need me& they have kept me going, my family & found my umph again, or i can at least saftly say it's on the verge off being back, i got groove back again.

I found another expensive but rewarding hobby, cake making, i foundi am good at it, people pay me compliment's & have asked me to make them cake's, this has boosted my confidence, i have found that i have fallen out of love with scrapbooking so much so that im still trying to get through my christmas album, have took no photo's of valentine's day or my birthday or "just because" photo's & thats ok, i even came to my desk to clear it all out, box up my scrapping stuff & sell the lot. BUT instead of cleaning & sorting i found myself scrapping & for once in my life i created a page that i did, from me, no sketch no looking up other people idea's, because sometimes i look else where for inspiration, the page just created itself, it was like the paper wasnt even chosen by me or the photo just went into that space etc, so fornow i have decided to keep myscrapbooking supplies.

CAKES, wanna see what i been up to??

stay strong {{{hugs}}}
Sarah xx

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