Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween is up!!!! & lots in store eeekkk

I "love" Halloween its one of my favourite times of the year!!!!  haha
I know you'd usually hear that at Christmas but its all celebrations from here on out, louise memorial day is tomorrow. We usually send up 5 paper Chinese lanterns with a message on each from each of us but the weather has been bad the last coulple of years, so im not sure what were doing yet. Something quiet.
 Then we have bonfire night, that's cooking jacket potatoes in an open bonfire & cooking chilly on the stove, & the kids wave around sparkler's, can you tell im looking forward to these cold cozy night's hehe
The hubs got in on this one, poor lamb is ill, so he's a sofa dude.

 Even though im looking forward to Halloween, this year I think i'l be a zombie, im also looking forward to taking this lot down & decorating for kaci's mad hatter tea party for her 10th birthday, taking that lot down & then decorating for my son's 16th birthday pizza party!! ~THE VERY NEXT DAY

& then if that wasn't enough im looking forward to decorating for CHRISTMAS!!!!! in which I should remind you that there is 62 sleep's til Christmas eve.
much love
Sarah xx

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