Sunday, 10 November 2013

kaci is 10 years old

My daughter, is 10year's old.......10................TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I keep saying it but im still not believing it's true, how on earth did she get to be 10!!  ok 10 years ago today I gave birth to a sweet little princess & today we celebrated with a mad hatter's tea party

like her mad alice outfit...I love it £40 quid from amazon, but worth every penney!

I love that tea pot, see it says "drink me" on it

& the sweets says "eat me" hehe

where there is food....there is corey

& kaci wanted me to be the queen of heart's, so this is what I came up with, "dwink!!" & I did make some tart's too

Thank's for stopping by
Sarah xx

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  1. What a fabulous party! I love the theme and everything you did with it. Definitely want to try this sometime with the little eat me/drink me tags. Good for you for dressing up!