Monday, 25 November 2013

my beautiful little baby boy

This beautiful baby boy came into our life's 16yrs ago we did not not know that he was going to be cherished as much as we have cherish all of our children but what we didn't know at the time & until he was 3yrs old was that mikey was a special baby he came to us because we could love & care for him, he has adhd & is autistic with asburges, he was statmented & diagnoised with adhd when he was just 5yrs old & has bought us joy laughter tears & heart ache I wont lie, its been a tough journey but I think I have moulded him to be a fine young gentle men???  we celebrated his 16th birthday with his favourite food....PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!

He had the best birthday ever in his word's, happy birthday son {mr moo moo} x

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