Saturday, 19 April 2014


....well actually were not, but we have been waiting almost THREE years to move to a better place!!!  THREE years is a LONG time. SO we decided to stay here, we are right on the door step of enough good shop's, to just go get something if we run out of something, yes we still have a long haul trek to school's, but we weighed up the pro's & con's & bla bla bla along with some other stuff, WERE STAYING in this house!!

Which then got me all excited because NOW I can decorate....THE WHOLE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

At first I had TON's of idea's & I got ordering a few bits for my bedroom, some wall paper for the back hall way, oh a jewellery holder that would look nice on my new dresser I want for my is A-MAZE-ING!!!!  lol
But then I got all over whelmed & now I am forcing my self to take little baby steps at a time, I ordered my kitchen cabinets from ikea & small things are coming together, im feeling a little more happier, yeay

I have 8 rooms to re-decorate & 2 of those rooms really desperately need doing, plus I want all new furniture in every room, a new kitchen, was going to get a new bathroom too, but as we are only renting I re thought about that, so the bathroom is just going to be tiled out.

You should be expecting photo's of home improvements here very soon!!

Happy Days
sarah xx

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