Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hey guys

I haven't been here for a while, lots have happened!!

Laptop has decided to go currup, thanks to my son using it, so I haven't been able to go viral much.

I HAVE A NEW JOB!!! the same company, im no longer a kitchen assistant, as much as I loved that job & I forfilled my purpose, made ppl smile & diliverd,  im activity co-ordinator now so I have better hours & better pay, & I will still continueforfill & make ppl happy, yeaaaayyyy

I am aching to do something with paper, I wanted to send a card to my new manager for helping me get my to where I wanted to be in my job, when so many around her was nagging & complaining to get me there & I was so patient & let life happen. THANK YOU HILARY XXXXXX & thank you kitchen for having this crazy head for so long, hehehehee

My house...its being decorated so all my scrapbooking supplies & stuff is all packed away, hence no card making or pages or anything else right now :-( ....lots happenening, bathroom is almost finished!!!!  EEEEKKKK I cannot wait to take photo's & get them uploaded, im so proud of myself, looks like a totally different room!

So for probally another month or so, lol, take care, lots of hugs n kisses, mwaaah
Sarah xx

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