Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Good night mummy

This is my beautiful mummy, yesturday I found her at peace & with her wings.
R.I.P you are now with my daddy.
One thing I didnt know...You left us on daddy birthday.
One thing I did know.....You left us in the same spot as daddy did.
I love you xx 

Me & Andrew miss you already, Gary & the kids will also miss you very much, tonight we went through picture's & found loads of you smiling, being with your friends & family, loving us as children & your grandchildren just the same.

Who will I invite for christmas dinner now? Who will come for birthday meals & celebrations?  Who will pop in on the way to the shops? Who is going to ring me every week end to see if were all alright? Who will give mummy hugs just because? 

What will I do now? Im 38yrs old almost 39 but I still need you x

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