Friday, 9 January 2015


Ok I know im ONLY 9 days too late but I have been a busy bee, putting all my bling bling christmas away & being all depressed over that!!!  I love my sparkly bling bling christmas stash ya know!!!  Okaaaay so now im going to tell you that there are ONLY 350 sleeps til next christmas, who preping????   hehehe

What ya's all doing at the moment? What are your plans, goal's? Have you set any new year's resalution's?? I know I have, I also been trying to re-organised my house better, the two area's that need it the most is my kitchen & bedroom, need to make space for my scrap stash again, as im going to try hard to be more into that!!!  AGAIN!!!!   My kitchen need's more storage so thats a re-organisation project, not  to mention my kids rooms.

I have new life style plans & for the better too, new meal plans, new gym plans, new plan to keep track of my/our spending & what better to organise all this in my own scrapbook diary thats all the rage right now, I'l post mine soon.

Hope you share your plans with me, leave a link to your blog & i'l be sure to check you out!!

Much love for the now
Sarah xx


  1. good luck with your goals - i have set a few: to try new things, meet new people and create "outside my comfort zone." haha

  2. First I would like to say, since you took your Christmas stuff down, can you come by my house and take mine down? Ha! Very funny, we have similar goals for this year. I wish you luck in yours, and I hope you have a really great 2015!