Friday, 17 February 2012

hello & welcome to my new blog!

Hello everyone after careful concideration i have decide to start a new fresh blog, this one will not only be about scrapbooking but everything else too, other hobbies, DIY & life...our life's some days i may bore you with the bla bla bla everyday strains & stresses of life which i hope that wont happen too often i try to prepare things around me so that im NOT stressed, with a fmaily of five...10 if you want to count the furbabies too, kwim!! I will try to be happiness as much as possible because that is what i am for in my little bubble, hee

I hope to bring you inspiration idea's & links i will share with you in all sorts of ways from all sorts of  places & i hope that you will link me up in many ways too.

Anyway here a bit about me from today TODAY TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who doesnt LOVE friday's???  Its a payday here & i usually look forward to payday, i look forward to alot of things on friday even if most friday i pay the bills & do the grocery shopping, aye i get to shopping with NO kids in tow these days, i use to dream of doing that when mine were little & the boys would find it so funnt to jump out on me & thier sister from a rail of clothing in a busy store, to find a not so happy mummy about the fact they ran off in the first place, tut

But today we took ourselves off to the ice rink again, its something we have found to be able to do as a whole family we all love doing the same thing together, i am please about, for you that dont know much about my/our history, me & dh met in the ice rink our love grew there & then we had our babies we didnt go as much & other things happened in our lives. Our "little ones" are much older now & slowly growing wings, we are helping them learn to fly, So its nice to know see & experience our children loving the same hobby as we use to, they all want there own boots now!!

Well thanks for stopping by & pop by again soon!!
Sarah xx


  1. congrats on the fresh start! love the side cute!!!

  2. YAY - I became follower number 1 - cant wait to see what good you will share on this new blog Sarah

  3. great start to a new to keep it up, sometimes I find that the hardest, is keeping it up!