Saturday, 18 February 2012


Did everyone have a fantastic valentine's day?

I know this is a little late but i have just realised there was alot of things i did not do, this valentine's day, things i wanted to do! mainly because i was a bit spun out, you see i orderd the "sweethearts" cricut cartridge

Weeks before & in plenty of time, but to this day its not got here, i was planning on making huge decorations all around my lounge, but i just decorated my mantel instead.

& made cupcake's

I had a few sweet recipe's too like this one

Valentine Sweet Hearts

packet of puff pastry or savory/ready rolled
strawberry jam or a sweet filling
a little milk or 1 egg
icing or coloured icing {pink or red}

Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out hearts
from the pastry
Spread strawberry jam or other sweet filling over
the hearts & sandwich together to make little
pockets a bit like ravioli & using milk or egg
fork the edges to seal
Bake for 7-10mins or until golden brown & leave to cool
When cool make up the icing or use ready made & add a
pink or red food colouring, spread or pipe over the top of each heart & sprinkle with sprinkle's

Oh well maybe next year but we did have a great day, we spent the day together & the kids were good all day, we wanted to go ice skating but the rink was closed, little thing's like being together is all that matter's sometimes

I did contact the shop that i bought it from & they have been supportive & sent me replacement on special dilivery & i recived it today, im still going to create "something" with it of course...its just a little late for my pink, heart's & fantasy, lol

{{{big hugs}}}
Sarah xx


  1. its not too late for next year's V-day!! heeeheee.... hope yours was fab!

  2. Looks like you had a fab V-Day creating, and celebrating. Hope your feeling a little more cheery than your last post on the Nook Blog. Us Nook girls gotta stick together Sarah. Happy Sunday.

    1. ..Thanks sherri i have been feeling a little unloved & blaa recently, but its all ok, a few vents & you always feel better dont you, hehe xx

  3. such a sweet display! and your little cupcakes look delish!! Gx