Monday, 24 September 2012

How to make your own insta frames

...or i think at least, that is what they are called! haha

Ok so i came across this by accident {isnt that the best way!} & so i needed some images that i cut with my making memories slice, the thing is they had a square around the image too & i usually just lift up the machine off the paper if i dont want this extra image to cut, so this time i left the machine to finish his job & ended up with my carstock left like thi

So i trimmed off any access scrag ends & tided up the cardstock a little, i then cut around 3 of the edges about half a centametre & leaving a centametre on the forth side

& there you have your insta frame, ready for the next project or page

Have a go, you can use any square you have, punch or die cut!

Sarah xx


  1. Oh those frames are fabulous! Love the previous layouts too especially the ones with the big letters!!!

  2. that is COOL!!! Thanks for sharing, Sarh!