Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I swear i have man flu & they broke my embellishments.

I swear i have man flu or at least i feel like i am dying, all i want to do is sleep!! There was a hoo-da last week in work when a resident came back from hospital with suspected MRSA!!!! {so you can imagine how it seemed when i started getting my flu like symptoms??} But it has since been cleared up that the resident no longer has it & is no longer infectious!!! PHEW!!!

Ok so i did go out with me girlies on saturday night without no coat & just a little strappy dress, the odds are i caught my cold because of no coat, im a divvy!!!

I walked into my scraproom this evening to find the crate paper wooden embellishment "baby" BROKEN IN HALF!!!! & appaerntly nobody did it!! i have NO energy to argue with them tonight at all

Sarah xx

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