Saturday, 8 September 2012

I need a word for my room

I want to put a word on my wall above my "NEW" scrap space....*gasp*....Wanna see my room so far it's still very much a work in progress, i mean is what you want to achieve ever "done" im always changing thing's up!

So when i decided to give my bedroom a "lick of paint" it turn out a whole refurblishment, when i decided to have a new carpet laid too, the men at the carpet shop said EVERYTHING needs to out the room EVERYTHING!!

So i cleared everything anyway except my huge big wooden bed, i thought maybe they can move it to one half of the room & then the next as they went, but they said EVERYTHING had to be out, thursday night i dismanteled my bed & we slept on the floor on our matress in the lounge, the carpet was laid early friday morning & off we went to ikea!!

Im not happy with the fact that they had one of my major item's out of stock so i had to re think my layout plan's there & then in the shop!!! ...because im not able to wait, *imapatient* & it will be a pain in the rear to go back when they said they will have it in stock, only to find maybe it isnt, kwim? {& only because my husband HATES going to ikea & he's the only one who can take me, other than my cousin who's car wasnt big enough, i dont drive & its really hard to get there otherwise PLUS i needed a car for my furniture!}

SO, im still deciding where thing's are going now & sorting out all my storage idea's for my scrap space too, so yeah this is still very much a "WORK IN PROGRESS"

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, me & my girl is off to watch brave today at the cinema with our friend's, have a good day
Sarah xx


  1. on the wall, how about, "work in progress"

    1. hi kelly, thank's for stopping by, my room at the moment is a wip, im needing a word to put on my wall once i think maybe it will be "done" kwim?