Monday, 26 March 2012

Im having a winge!!!

...when the toilet roll paper runs out YOU RELACE IT!!! {my lot just leave an empty cardboard roll ready for the next person}

...when the washing basket is put in the hall ready for dirty clothes to go in, YOU EXPECT THE CLOTHES TO BE THERE READY FOR WASHING!!! {my lot just leave it on the floor or NEXT to the basket??}

...when you finished with your plate, dish or cup YOU PUT IT IN THE SINK!!!! {mine just leave it where ever}

...when you have sweet rapper's, yogurt pots & empty drinks carton's or crisp packet's YOU PUT THEM IN THE BIN PROVIDED {mine just think thats the floor!!}

...when you walk in from school coats/jacket's clothe's shoe's & bags HAVE A PLACE TO GO!!! {thats not the hallway floor!!!}

So yeah today i am fed up!!!

Sarah xx


  1. Oh, poor thing :-( I am so sorry that you have to live with that. Hope it's just a phase that will soon get to an end. Hugs!

  2. (((HUG))) That could be my house you've blogged about! Sometimes it really does feel like the whole world is plotting evil things against us mothers. I hope it will get better for you...soon...or at least before you have a melt down and beat your family to bits. lol