Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Life of a child through the camera lense

Yes i give my camera to my children to take picture's & explore but they only get to play with the little nikon coolpix S2600!!

I have had some interesting photo's & even if some of them are blurry, out of focus & gaspingly shocking to you "professionals" Im still going to scrap them for thier book's!!

I left the camera on the last used setting & didnt think to change it, so if it wasnt for that, these picture's probally would have turned out ok, this first one is what my son, mikey took of his little character in his game he was playing at the time, eric from ariel & the little mermaid was being held captive by..?? lol

& this one is of me, my other son, corey~max took before i was about to go out, that is not meant to be the v's, it was intensionally meant to be a peace sign, lol

*Im trying to get infront of the camera a bit more these day's, lol

*I havent been around much in cyber space as i have been ill, ive had a really bad cold & cough & so im just comming back to life

Happy Day's
Sarah xx

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