Monday, 9 April 2012

So how was everyone's easter sunday??


We spent the day at mil's where she cooked us all a roast lunch & the kids played hunt the eggs & they got thier chocolate eggs too from them, & we all had family fun

Then later on in the evening we went to pick up some friend's & hauled us all to the ice rink to watch the pitbulls v.raiders, thats my mate there on the poster he's palyed with many different teams & is quiet famous!!


I had to take picture's on my blackberry because my camera battery had died i had my little camera but i got worse photo's than this, so this is as good as i got for the evening, lol i spent all evening cheering the PITBULLS on & haveing fun, i took a few photo & uploaded to facebook as the game went on, this was second half 4-1 to pitbulls at this time, but we lost 7-5 to the raider's oh well, next time boys!!!

As they were comming off the ice ppl were banging the boards cheering them anyway & waving there hands over the boards, me too whoor what a stink mind, the kit bag at the end of the night aint nice at all & i was teasing the kids how my hands stink!! lol


Douglas our goalie handed his stick to kaci & said careful there a few splinter's in there mind, his name is stamped on it, but as gary knows him he's going to take it next trainning session to get him to sign it, kaci has not let anyone play with it since!!

Happy Days
Sarah xx


  1. What fun!! love that picture of Kaci!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! And what a FAB photo of Kaci! She's FIERCE! :D

  3. I know like watch out boys!!! lol